Terms & conditions for accommodation contracts

1. Range of Applications

1.An accommodation agreement established between a guest and the Hotel is bound under the terms of this lodging Contract.


2.When the Hotel complies to a Special Agreement which does not violate laws, ordinances and/or customs, said Agreement shall takes precedence over the terms of this lodging Contract.


2. Lodging Contract Application

1.The Guest must supply the following information to apply for a lodging contract with the Hotel:


2.When the Guest applies for an extended stay, the Hotel will process the application as an additional contract.


3. Establishment of Lodging Contract

1.The Lodging Contract shall be valid provided that the Hotel is satisfied by the information provided according to the preceding article.

2.If the Hotel is satisfied with the information provided by the Guest, the Lodging Fee must be paid to the Hotel by the specified date.

3.The Deposit will used to indemnify the Hotel in case of damages or cancellation (see Articles 6, 17). If there is no damage or cancellations fee, the Deposit shall be applied to the Lodging Fee (see Article 12) and any amount of the Deposit outstanding shall be returned to the Guest.

4.If the payment date is communicated by the Hotel to the Guest, and the Guest does not make payment by the said date, this Lodging Contract shall become null and void.


4. Advance deposit Agreement

1.The Hotel, at its discreation, may waive the deposit until after the contract is concluded.


2.If the Hotel does not request a deposit from the Guest, this is considered to be a special agreement.


5. Refusal of Accommodation Contract

1.The Hotel may determine to cancel the lodging agreement on the event of the following:


6. Right to Cancel Accommodation Contract by the Guest

1.The Guest can request cancellation of the Lodging Contract.


2.If the Guest cancels the whole or part of the Lodging Contract, the Hotel may charge a penalty for breach of the contract according Annex Table 2. However, if the Hotel acts according to a Special Agreement, the Guest is only required to pay a penalty charge in the case that the Hotel requests it.


3.If the Guest does not call or arrive by 10pm on the date of arrival, the Hotel may consider the Lodging Contract as cancelled by the Guest.


7. Right to Cancel Accommodation Contract by the Hotel

1.The Hotel may cancel the Lodging Contract in the following cases.


2.If the Hotel decides to cancel the Lodging Contract as outlined in the previous item, the Hotel shall not charge for services that have not been used by the Guest.


8. Registration

1.Each Guest must register the following information at front desk: Full name, age, sex, address, occupation, nationality, passport number, previous stay city, next stay city, Date and scheduled time of departure, other information deemed necessary by the Hotel.


2.If the Guest prefers to pay the lodging voucher or credit card, then this information is required along with the information listed in the preceding item.


3.Non-Japanese Guest must show their passports for proof of identification.


9. Guest Room Service Hours

1.The Guest may use the Hotel’s Guest Room from 2pm to 11am. However in case of consecutive lodging the room can be used for the whole day except on arrival and departure.


2.In such cases where the Hotel allows the room to be used beyond the times mentioned, additional fees will be charged as follows:


10. Compliance with regulations

Guest must follow the Hotel regulations stated in the Hotel building, at all times.


11. Service Hours

1.The Hotel’s facilities and hours are detailed in TV information.


2.If the service hours change temporarily, the Hotel will inform the Guest in an appropriate manner.


12. Payment of Fees

1.For the details of the Lodging Fee, refer to Annex Table 1.


2.The Lodging Fee may be paid for in cash, by credit card, lodging voucher, etc at the reception desk at check-in or before departure.


3.The Guest shall be charge the Lodging Fee even the Guest chooses not to stay after the Hotel has provided the room to the Guest.


13. The Hotel’s Responsibilities

In case of damages to the Guest by the hotel, when the Hotel is responsible for the said damages, the Hotel shall compensate the Guest.


14. If a Room cannot be Offered

1.If the Hotel cannot provide the Guest the room specified in the contract,. The Hotel will arrange another facility similar to that requested.


2.When the Hotel cannot arrange another lodging facility, the Hotel will pay a Compensation Fee. The Compensation Fee shall be paid if the Hotel deems itself at responsible for being unable to provide the Guest with a room.


15. Management of Entrusted Items

1.When valuables, cash and/or baggage deposited at the front desk is destroyed or lost, excluding the case of force majeure, the hotel shall compensate the owner for the damage or loss. However, if the Guest has not declared the category and value of items deposited, the Hotel compensation shall not exceed ¥150,000.


2.When baggage, cash, valuables not deposited at the front desk are damaged or lost due to an accident caused by the Hotel, the Hotel will compensate the Guest. However, if the guest has not declared the category and value of items deposited, the Hotel will only compensation shall not exceed ¥150,000.


16. Deposit of Hand Luggage

1.If baggage arrives at the Hotel prior to the Guest arrival at the Hotel, the Hotel shall take responsibility for the items only if the Guest’s lodging has been confirmed before arrival. The baggage will be returned to the Guest at the front desk after check-in.


2.For items left behind after check-out by the Guest, the Hotel will wait for inquiry from the Guest and follow the instructions. If there are no instructions or if the unknown, the Hotel will be dispose of the items at its discretion.


17. Guest’s Responsibility

If the Guest causes damages the Hotel, with or without internet, the Guest shall be held financially responsible for the damage(s) incurred.


18. Disclaimer

The Guest shall be responsible for the use of the Hotel computer when using it. The Hotel shall not hold responsible for system crashes or other disturbances resulting in a loss of information by the Guest. If the Hotel determines malicious use of the computer to inflict loss or damage by the Guest, the Guest shall be hold responsible to any loss or damage compensation.


Annex Table 1-Lodging Fee


Sum total the Guest needs to payCalculation
Lodging Fee
■ Basic lodging fee
■ Service fee
■ Consumption tac
■ Lodging tax
Lodging fee of one night stay per person is
¥10,000 minimum and ¥15,000 maximum100JPY
Lodging fee of one night stay per person is ¥15,000 and over200JPY

Additional fees

■Food, beverage and other incidental charges

■Consumption tax

 If the taxes are revised by low, this figure will follow the new figures accordingly.


ANNEX Table 2-Penalty for Contract Breach

Date of reservation cancellation No stay Same day One day in advance
※Individual 100% of lodging fee 100% of lodging fee 80% of lodging fee
※Group 100% of lodging fee 100% of lodging fee 80% of lodging fee

※Individual   Less than 9 guests or 4 rooms per day

※Group  10 guests or 5 rooms or more per day 


Notes on Annex Table2

1.The percentage is the ratio of penalty charge to lodging fee.

2.If the contracted time of stay is shortened, a penalty fee of one day lodging shall be charged.

3.An additional cancellation fee may be billed based on specific dates.