House regulations

ALFIT HOTEL & BAR AKASAKA offers a standard of quality based on Article 10 of the Lodging Agreement. The rules of use are set down in order to make your stay safe and comfortable, in return the Hotel requests cooperation from our guests in the following matters.

Non-compliance to the Hotel’s rules, may result in denial of the hotel facilities use. Additionally, the Hotel will not assume any responsibility for injuries or accidents resulting from refusal to cooperate with the Hotel rules.


1.Do not smoke(electronic cigarette)in bed or in other areas not specified as a smoking area.


2.Do not engage in any acts that may increase fire risk in the room, such as the use of external heaters, cooking appliances or other items in an inappropriate manner.


3.The following products are prohibited entry to the Hotel.


4.We request that visitors leave guest rooms before 10 pm.


5.Do not use rooms for purposes other than accommodation, without receiving prior written consent of the Hotel.


6.Using guest rooms or Hotel lobby for business purposes is prohibited.


7.Gambling is prohibited anywhere in the Hotel.


8.Regarding safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers.


9.We request that guests dress appropriately when in public areas of the hotel.


10.Lodging of any individual incapacitated by alcohol, illness or injury without a responsible caretaker is not permitted.


11.Keep cash and valuables inside the safe. The Hotel will not take any responsibility for loss of items left in the room.


12.Present your key card when you use the Hotel restaurant and bar.


13.If there is the presentation of bill from the front desk during stay, please pay each time.